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Significant Links

The McNabb Family Website
This is where my family has been building its website. Check out our gallery of photos.
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the restored Church of Jesus Christ. I've been a Latter-day Saint (Mormon) since 1973. If you don't know much about Mormons, you can find out more here.
Foundation for Apologetic Information & Research
The Foundation for Apologetic Information & Research (FAIR) is an organization committed to helping explain and defend the teachings and practices of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I've been a member of FAIR since 1999 and I'm currently the editor of the FAIR Journal.
Argus Systems Group
Argus is a company that makes "trusted operating systems" (TOS) to secure websites and other servers. I've worked for this company since 1993 and in the area of TOS security since 1988. You can see my company profile here.
Japan Kobe Mission
The Japan Kobe Mission was where I served as a missionary from June 1976 to May 1978.

Who Am I?

A Few Useful Sites

Babel Fish Translation
Here is one of many sites that will do some translation for you.
This is where you can look up books by words in the title, authors, subject, and ISBN numbers. It will also find places selling the books.
This is where you can go to get info about Internet domain names.
Here is another place where you can look up domain names.
Evan's enmDespamify
This is Evan's tool to convert email addresses to HTML characters. Your address will look right on someone's browser, but spam harvesters very seldom catch them.
Google Maps
Here are google's map resources. You can view both maps and satellite photos of areas all over the world.
HTML Quick List
This is a quick reference guide to HTML.
HTML Symbols
Here is a chart of the HTML codes for special symbols.
CSS Specification
The actual specification for CSS.
Anagram generator
This is where you can go to find all anagrams of a word or phrase.
ASCII/EBCDIC code tables
Conversion table showing Dec, Hex, Oct, Char, and description.

A Few Interesting Sites

Will It Blend?
A wonderful display of various objects going through a kitchen blender.
J-Walk Humor
This has some really funny stuff. The best is probably "The 3rd Annual Nigerian Direct Mail Conference."
Jack Chick
Chick tracts are the absolute best. I first read them in the 1970s and I've felt a bizarre and inexplicable attraction to them ever since.
This guy has a whole site of info proving that the world is fixed and the center of the universe. Great stuff, especially his discussion of tides!
Buckle Up for Safety
Here is a youtube video of the old selt belt ad that I always sang to my kids as they were growing up (although it seems I had changed the word "riders" to "driver").
You Are an Idiot
Okay, this one is of limited utility, but when you need to send it to someone, it is invaluable.
Church Sign Generator
This is the site where people make all those fake church signs.
Optical illusion.
This is a cool optical illusion.
Singing horses.
OK, this is stupid, and yet, somehow irresistible...
Here is a respository of hundreds of little smilies to insert into your email and web postings.
Health Age Calculator
Calculate your effective age based on lifestyle, diet, and health history.
Devilfinder Picture Search
Search the web for pictures, but use the filter!
The Shapeshifting Reptilian Mormon Brotherhood (SRMB)
As part of my ongoing therapy, I'm coming clean about my dirty little secret: I'm a shapeshifting reptilian. I've tried to give up eating babies, but I just can't control myself (they're best with a touch of thyme and a hint of garlic). Unfortunately, I'm not high enough in the SRMB hierarchy to have access to all the secret tunnels that the Mormons have dug all throughout the Rocky Mountains. This hilarious "theory" has been around for years--use a search engine to find the best story. One site that you must visit is The Secret Underworld of Salt Lake City. You can find even more startling "facts" on this topic at Beyond the Illusion.
Accident Eyewitness
A guy on a cell phone witnesses a minor accident, where the little old ladies who were hit beat up the guy in the other car.
City of Wonder Ally List
This is just a list of Play IDs for anyone playing the City of Wonder app. Where loved ones are remembered...
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