Paul McNabb's Video Page

These are just some videos that I think others might like to see.

——— September 2008 ———

Large dead snake
Big snake, but dead?

——— May 2008 ———

Women, Know Your Limits
A fake, 1940s-era instructional video about women keeping their place.

——— April 2008 ———

Letterman on Mircosoft
A funny clip from the David Letterman show about Bill Gates and Microsoft.

——— March 2008 ———

An anti-Hilary "commercial."
Okay, yet another anti-Hilary "commercial."
Jay Leno Interviews
Leno "interviews" some celebrities.

——— February 2008 ———

Front Fell Off
A humorous fake interview about an oil tanker accident.

——— pre-2008 ———

Hand Shadow Show
Here is an incredible hand shadow show. Notice the rabbit going up the hill.
Bad Day in Africa
Some days you can't win for trying; some days things just drop in your lap.
Car on a Cliff
He's just a Good Samaritan doing his job!
Clips from Church Services
Some hilarious things happen in churches!
FedEx Package
A little bit of fun with the movie Cast Away.
Halftime Blunders
Some of these are just painful...
Hu's on First
A poke at George Bush with the old "Who's on First" routine.
"I Love You Mama" Ad
A great ad that catches everyone the first time.
Low-fat Select Tuna Ad
A funny ad about looking thin.
Pit Stop Ad
A great idea for a tool ad.
Pit Stop Baby
A clever clip about a baby diaper change.
South Park's "The Correct Answer"
A scene from a South Park episode from Hell.
Toot Tone Fake Ad
If you're into scatological humor, you'll appreciate this.
What Old People Do for Fun
A great video clip about an old woman playing a prank.
Japanese Baby—Film Ad
A funny Japanese ad poking fun at themselves.
Bear Fight—Salmon Ad
A funny ad of a guy fighting a bear for the best salmon.
Bratty Kid Ad
I can't say more without ruining the great ending.
German Coast Guard—Language Ad
Everyone should know a second language...
Good Dog—Beer Ad
The clean, wholesome guy and dog vs. the regular guy with an ugly mutt.
Japanese Magician
A Japanese magician dresses up and confounds people in public.
Herding Cats—Consulting Ad
One of the classic ads of all time.
Netmeeting Ad
Slightly risquè but funny ad. Notice the group's reaction to the events.
LDS Growth Video
This is an inspirational creation that graphically shows Church growth.
This Land Is Your Land
Here is the famous JibJab video that was so popular during the 2004 election.
Fresh Bread—7 Eleven Ad
A great clip!
German Engineering
A funny ad for a German car.
Exiting a Garage—Cigar Ad
Keep your eyes on the business at hand.
Monkey Protection
This is one of a series of ads about a monkey protection unit for your car.
Snow Plow
Here's a clip from a news reporter on the scene.
Tuned Out
How does that guy stay so cool under pressure?
Wheel of Fortune
Here's another South Park clip of a disastrous Wheel of Fortune event.
Worst Music Video Ever
This is truly about the worst there ever was.
Basketball Girl
This isn't funny, just amazing (if it is real).
Dodge Aries
A fake commercial "praising" the Dodge Aries.
911 Calls
Here is a clip from Jay Leno playing stupid and real 911 calls.
Christmas Light Show
This is a real light show on a real house.
Old Glory Robot Insurance
This is a fake ad for insurance in case of robot attack.
Singing Cows—PETA
An ad by PETA to support animal rights.
Double Date
The classic ad with the unexpected double date.
Non-geek Dad—Sony Ad
A boy laments his father's lack of technology skills.
Ghostly Car Ad
No matter how many times you see this, you jump.
Model Tripping
Some newscasters crack up over a model tripping on the runway.
Port-a-potty Humor
A crew has funny altering the reality of people using a public port-a-potty.

——— ads ————Gerbils
A great ad.—Tattoos
Another great ad. Wolves Ad
The best of the three ads.

——— Deseret First ads ———

Deseret First Bank Ad—Inactive?
This is something that Mormons will find funnier than most other people will.
Desert First Bank Ad—Returned Missionary
Another funny poke at Mormon culture.
Deseret First Bank Ad—Marriage
And just why and how often is this older Mormon getting married? This ties into the old Mormon joke about the mother of the bride being pregnant.