Callings I Have Held

Anyone who is an active member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will be called to serve in various capacities during his or her life. Over time, most people will end up serving in most jobs, but many people find that they are repeatedly called to the same or similar calling. For example, some sisters seem to spend decades exclusively in Primary or Young Women or Relief Society, and some men seem to repeatedly get called to serve as clerks or teachers or in the Young Men program. I seem to have had quite a variety and have served in most ward callings. Of course, I've always been a home teacher, but that goes without saying.

I've tried to remember some of the callings I've had over the years.

Callings I had before my mission (September 1973 &ndash May 1976)

My first calling was to be the Latter-day Saint Student Association (LDSSA) Vice President. I received the call from the stake president in Sept/Oct 1973 and I served for over a year. Mark Brenchley was the president and Nancy Evans was the secretary. I also served as Primary teacher (for Wednesday afternoon Primary for a single, hyperactive boy), 10-year-old Junior Sunday School teacher, choir member, and stake missionary.

My Mission (June 1976 &ndash May 1978)

I served in the Japan Kobe Mission under President Akagi and then President Stout.

Callings I had after my mission when we lived in Frankfort, Indiana (June 1978 &ndash May 1985)

I served as: elders quorum group leader (while the Frankfort Branch was a dependent branch affiliated with the Lafayette Ward), counselor in the branch presidency (under President Philip Heavilon), elders quorum president. Since we were in a small branch to begin with (it later became a ward), of course I did a little bit of everything: teaching Primary, Sunday School, and elders quorum; helping with the youth, including Road Show; conducting Primary; pianist for various meetings; home study Seminary teacher; clerking; etc.

Callings I had while living in Champaign, Illinois

I'm not real sure about the timing of some of the early callings I had in Champaign. I know I was DQAA during the summer when my TQ boys were young deacons. I think I was on the Cub Scout committee when Evan turned 8 and became a cub scout. My EQI and Primary 11YO and Primary 5YO are fuzzy in my memory, but I know the EQI was in the 86 to early 88 time frame.

Primary teacher. I think it was either the 5-year-olds or the 6-year-olds. I think I served for less than a year.
Summer 1986
Deacon Quorum assistant advisor. Since I was gone during the week (commuting to West Lafayette, Indiana, while working for The UniCom Project), I could only do Sunday morning teaching. I had this calling for maybe 3 or 4 months, as I recall, but it could have been longer.
Primary teacher. Nancy and I taught the 10 or 11 year old class. I think we served for less than a year.
1987 &ndash 1988
Cub Scout Committee Treasurer. I might have actually kept this calling into 1989 or even 1990. This was during the time when we had a separate checking account and collected weekly dues from the boys and covered all our own expenses.
1987 &ndash 1988
Elders Quorum instructor. I had this calling for about a year or so.
Mar 1988 &ndash Nov 1989
Teacher Quorum Advisor / Young Men 1st Counselor. I served under Alex Ruggieri.
Nov 1989 &ndash Dec 1990
Financial Clerk.
Jan 1990 &ndash Jul 1990
Gospel Doctrine teacher. I taught the Old Testament.
Aug 1990 &ndash Dec 1990
Early Morning Seminary teacher. I team-taught the Book of Mormon with Zina Whetten.
Dec 1990 &ndash Jul 1992
Bishopric 1st Counselor. I served under Bishop Joseph Stucki in the Champaign 2nd Ward.
Jul 1992 &ndash Apr 1994
High Councilor. I served under President David Whetten until December 1994 and then under President Joseph Stucki.
Apr 1994 &ndash Jul 1998
Branch President. I was the first branch president for the newly-formed Urbana Branch, a singles/student branch (it had about 90 to 115 members at the time) at the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois. It is now the Urbana University Ward.
May 1998 &ndash Nov 2002
Stake Presidency 2nd Counselor. I served under President Joseph Stucki until he was released. I continued as a branch president for the first 6 or 7 weeks.
Dec 2002 &ndash Mar 2009
Bishop. I was called to be bishop of the Champaign 2nd Ward by Elder Lynn A. Mickelsen, who was the general authority that called the new stake presidency.
Apr 2009 to present
High Councilor. I am serving under President T. Ned Lunt.