Various Pictures

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[1956] This is my sister Becky (left) and brother David (right) and me (center) doing a "see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil" monkey imitation.

[1957] Here we are again with our new little brother Mark. I'm the guy on the left with the black eye. My mom said I was always getting banged up somehow.

[1958] Here I am, a cute little three-year-old.

[1959] Here we are in front of my grandpa and grandma's house in Crane, Missouri. I'm on the right. Mark's feet are burned because he walked on a very hot heating grate in the house. The house is behind the photographer. The road is at the bottom of the hill and you can see the train tracks beyond that. The line of trees across the field is where Crane Creek is.

[1961] Mark, Paul, David, and Becky.

[1963] Our little sister Martha has now joined us. I'm the guy on the right.

[1965] Another family picture. I'm on the right.

[1966] Yet another family picture, but this time I'm the kid in back.

[1972] My mom's cat, Tuptim, is sleeping with me on our living room couch in Mt. Prospect. Tuptim is the name of the King of Siam's concubine in the story "The King and I."

[1973] Here is my whole family at Becky's wedding. I'm on the left, Mark is on the right.

[1973] Here I am in my senior year of high school. The glasses are incredibly attractive, aren't they? I wonder how many barrels of oil were sacrificed to make that much plastic. By the way, for some reason this is the most popular of my pictures. Yes, it's pretty awful, but don't most people go through one of those stages in life?

[1973] Ah, the high school graduate in all his glory.

[1975] Paul and Nancy being silly.

[1976] I believe this was my passport/mission portrait.

[1976] This was my official mission picture.

[1976] Here I am with my companion, Lloyd Oaks, in the Salt Lake airport getting ready to head out to Japan. My mom, dad, and sister Martha came out to see me off.

[1977] Here I am at my desk in Osaka on my mission. I was known on my mission for my red, white, and blue suspenders and for the fact that I brought a small typewriter with me. I also had a red polka dot nightshirt and cap that Nancy had made for me.

[1978] Pictures on our wedding day on the grounds of the Washington D.C. Temple.

[c. 1982] Here I am at Purdue University. I don't remember when, where, or why this was taken. With my baby face, I was constantly being mistaken for a high school student, even though I was 27, married, and had two kids.

[c. 2001] These are just pictures taken for our files at Argus.

[2004] This is me, I think at a wedding.